Detention house Esserheen in Veenhuizen has several well equipped workshops where prisoners work daily. During their visit to the Esserheem workshops, Goof and Laurentius noticed there are many spare moments in between production jobs, moments that are still too short to provide enough time for the next production. As a solution for this problem, the two designers came up with a modular cabinet system that consists from components that can be easily produced within these spare moments.


In order to produce these cabinet components, every workshop in the prison center is being used: the metal- and woodworkshop, the foundry and the coating department. Every workshop has their specific chores for these spare fifteen minute – moments. This makes for optimal use of the capacity of the workshops. OutKast can be supplied in various forms: from a pauper variant to prince – worthy item. The slats of the rack cabinet can be made from waste material, or from oak wood, which is formed on the lathe. The detainees can finish the parts to their own liking, which creates a personal touch within the final product.